National Evaluation of 4-in-1 Grant Program

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Indian Health Service


Under this task order with the Indian Health Service (IHS), KAI continued to conduct the national evaluation of the reporting on the Office of Urban Indian Health Program’s (OUIHP) 4-in-1 grant program. To do so, KAI used an in-house reporting template designed to measure indicators of success of particular importance to AI/AN communities.  



In addition to quantitative data, the new reporting template allows grantees to report flexible, qualitative data as well, including proximal outcomes and barriers to care in each program, including a quarterly measure of unmet healthcare needs. To aid in this evaluation, KAI provided technical assistance to grantees as needed, obtained Office of Management and Budget approval of the standard quarterly reporting template and the project narrative template, drafted a report of recommendations for improving 4-in-1 grant immunization reporting, analyzed site and aggregate quantitative and qualitative databases, provided TA and training on the project narrative template, continued to develop and implement the web-based data system, and updated the program and evaluation website.


At the end of the project, KAI developed a comprehensive 4-in-1 grant program evaluation report.