Youth Marijuana Prevention Marketing

State of Washington, Department of Health


The Washington Department of Health contracted with KAI to develop and execute a culturally tailored communications campaign to reduce marijuana consumption by American Indian and Alaska Native (AI/AN) youth. The goal of this project is to reduce initiation and use of marijuana among the 12–20 age group and influential adults within the AI/AN population by implementing culturally and linguistically appropriate communication strategies.


Washington State faces challenges in preventing youth marijuana use, including normalization due to legalization and misinformation. Particularly high risk populations include American Indian and Alaska Native youth, ages 12 to 17.


To develop media campaign recommendations, KAI conducted research with the target communities. Working with Native youth, KAI administered a survey on marijuana-use prevention. These data were collected in an office setting, a community center, and a treatment facility, and supplemented a full literature review, two interviews, and four focus groups in the initial year. In the years since, KAI has conducted remote checkpoint surveys and focus groups to continue refining and updating the campaign.


The resulting campaign, titled “My Culture. My Choice. Respect.”, has been well received and continues to benefit the community. KAI developed several ads and deployed a focused media buy, resulting in increased website traffic and social-media engagement.