KAI appreciates Education as a federal treaty and trust obligation to Tribal Nations. Our expertise includes doctoral level educational leaders across the spectrum of early childhood, K-12, high school completion/ GED, post-secondary, and lifelong learning. With a deep understanding of cultural context and historical perspectives, KAI offers tailored solutions to enhance educational opportunities and promote equitable outcomes for diverse tribal communities, fostering resilience, empowerment, and workforce development.

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Historical and Intergenerational Trauma Knowledge on Educational Outcomes

Application of knowledge of historical, sociological and systems factors which predicate academic outcomes to fashion interventions for American Indian Alaska Native student success.

Indian Education Implementation

Advisement including Federal, state, district policies, and Title VI ~ Indian Education, Johnson O’ Malley funding, and subject matter expertise in Native languages and culture revival and integration.

ESSA Consultation & Implementation

Amalgamation and advisement of best and promising practices in the implementation of the ESSA of 2015 with respect to American Indian curriculum and language development and assessment.


Building upon literature and practice in school culture and climate, provide advisement to ensure a safe and culturally appropriate environment for all students to learn.

Formative / Summative Assessment and Evaluation

Data collection including tribal census, environmental scans, surveys, participatory action research, mixed methods quantitative and qualitative data analysis and advisement through a tribal data sovereignty lens.

Teacher Professional Development

Design and support teacher capacity through cultivation of professional learning communities, lesson study groups, and science driven practices with a particular focus on indigenous learning environments.

Parent and Community Engagement

Facilitation of parent and community engagement with a particular focus on first generation, disadvantaged and ethnic minority populations and specific experience with 21st Century Community Learning Centers After School program implementation and assessment.

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Change is only possible when there is cooperation and commitment. We partner with communities to leverage culture and resilience to affect change in Indian Country.