National Plan on Native Language Revitalization

U.S. Department of the Interior, Bureau of Indian Affairs


As an experienced facilitator of federal-tribal consultations, KAI is providing support to the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) as it seeks to understand what tribes, tribal communities, Native language scholars, and language revitalization advocacy groups would like to see in the 10-year National Plan on Native Language Revitalization.


The BIA, White House Council, White House Indian Education Initiative, and related federal agencies are seeking to gather input from tribal nations on:

  • What existing federal funding streams and resources are most helpful to your Native language programs, initiatives, or efforts
  • What are the barriers and challenges to Native language revitalization and protections
  • Aside from increased federal funding, what more could the federal government do to support Native language revitalization, reclamation, and protection
  • What elements need to be in a national plan for language revitalization, and
  • What role should tribes and others have in the national plan.


A literature review, key informant interviews, and community and subject matter expertise focus groups will serve as an iterative process and provide the groundwork activities that foster conversation and garner input from the communities. Tribal engagement will culminate in formal consultation with tribes and Native Hawaiian communities. The entire process will developing a national language revitalization plan that will address awareness, recognition, integration, and support for Native language revitalization.


KAI will summarize findings in a comprehensive report, with recommendations which may include legislative, policy, regulatory, and federal appropriations.